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About Us


SkyBlue Wholesale Properties has been serving the Phoenix and Seattle markets since 2015 purchasing homes from home owners who face difficult financial hardship or who simply want to sell a home quickly without the hassles typically involved in such an endeavor.

In the time since we started the company we have helped a number of home owners through difficult situations such as bankruptcy, divorce, probate, destructive and unruly tenants as well as the passing of loved ones. In fact, we look to ease the process for those who need to transition out of their old or unwanted home by providing quick cash and a fast closing.

At SkyBlue Wholesale Properties we are not realtors. What does that mean? Well for one thing we don't care what condition your house is in.


– we buy homes "As Is." We do all our own cleaning and repairs and that includes bringing in dumpsters to haul out trash, old furniture, or even the remnants of demolition work. We're also unlike realtors in that there are no commissions or hidden fees involved in our deals. What we offer you is what you get. Similarly, unlike realtors who want to sign contracts to list your house in the hope that it sells, the agreement we make is to buy your house. We won't waste time showing the home to strangers who won't qualify for a loan, which means you won't have to wait weeks or even months to close.