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A Win Win Transaction

SkyBlue Wholesale Property

SkyBlue Wholesale Properties LLC. prides our self on great customer service. We understand the stresses, the emotional attachment you have with your home. Sometimes the only option is to wholesale your property and SkyBlue is the motivated team ready to help.  

How can we make this happen easily and quickly you may ask?

We draw up a contract with seller, market this contract to our network of cash buyers. We then enter into an agreement with a buyer who takes over ownership of the house after cash payment. If you like the Idea of having CA$H in hand from selling your house quickly please don't waste another minute thinking about it. Give us a call and let's start the process now!


Who are we motivated to help? We are motivated to help motivated home sellers. We want to be available to help real people with real issues who just need to sell their house and be able to move on quickly. Give us a call today!


  • Difficulty selling

  • Death of a family member

  • Financial Problems

  • Facing repossession

  • Divorce / Separation

  • Inheritance

  • Relocation

  • Property liens

  • Unfair real estate fees

  • Extensive property repairs 

  • Need to leave an area

  • CT loan modification denial

  • Bad Tenants